Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the Combi eco and eco plus compared to the EU model?

The Combi eco and eco plus are the US/Canadian certified models of the Combi 4 and 4e. The Combi eco is the Combi 4 and the Combi eco plus which adds the electric function is the 4e

How will my order ship?

Your order will ship UPS Standard, and should be at your doorstep within 1 week.

Where does this ship from?

Your order ships from our warehouse in Ontario, Canada.

US Buyers: Will I be subject to any duties or additional taxes?

No, all necessary forms will be filled out on your behalf and there will be no additional duties, taxes or required information from you after checkout. These are German made units, that were already imported by Truma USA into the USA.

Canadian Buyers: Will I be subject to any duties or Taxes?

These units ship from Ontario, Canada. You will not be subject to any duties, but you will be subject to HST or GST based on your location as we are a Ontario registered corporation.

Will Diesel Powered units ever become available?

No, the standards are different in the US/Canada and like the propane powered version, the diesel version will need some significant changes to acommodate this market. Truma USA has no intentions of bringing in the Diesel unit, and if it does it will only be available to OEM installers.

Why is availability so limited?

Truma USA is of the mindset that only a OEM certified installer should install this unit in the USA, and as a result has limited availability to the OEM's only. We have a limited supply purchased from a OEM, that we can offer to the aftermarket. This contradicts the European market, where the European version is readily available to the aftermarket and DIY Installers. In our experience, a van builder who is building their van for the use and enjoyment of their family is much more careful and pays more attention to the installation procedure than a "certified installer" who's only thoughts are about what they will do on the upcoming weekend.


Yes, we are offering a limited 1 year warranty from the time you purchase your unit. Our warranty is identical to that of Truma USA (Fine print in your owners and installation manuals), We have dedicated parts and units set aside to make sure we cans support our customers.

Will Truma Support my Warranty?

No, Truma will not honor your warranty, nor can you register for a extended warranty. Truma only honors warranties on units installed by a certified installer in a OEM situation (ie, you purchased your van or trailer with this unit installed from the manufacturer of the trailer or van). Since Truma refuses to honor warranties to the aftermarket, we will (as described above)